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Create New Opportunities with Clients
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(Lesson 27) Make a Different Kind of Sales Call

Think for a moment about the number of meaningful relationships you’ve had with clients over your career. There are probably hundreds. Now ask yourself: How many of them did you call last year? Why didn’t you call more? Find out what the myriad answers to the last question usually boil down to, and how to overcome it with a different kind of sales call.

(Lesson 28) Earn Follow-on or Repeat Business ... Repeatedly

Follow-on work (or repeat business) matters for simple economic reasons. It costs far more to develop business with a brand new client than it does to do more work with a client you already have. Follow-on work is also valuable to your clients. It’s easier, more productive, and less expensive for them to continue with you. Discover three basic ways to get more work, each with an interesting trust angle.

(Lesson 29) Cross-Sell the Right Way

On the surface, cross-selling is an easy way to expand your reach—at least it "should" be. In reality, more often than not your efforts fall flat. That’s because good cross-selling goes beyond matching expertise to problems. Discover three steps to be sure your cross-selling efforts are successful.
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