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Develop Business with Trust
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(Lesson 12) What's So Different About Trust-Based Selling?

What’s the purpose of selling? It sounds like a straightforward question, doesn’t it? Common answers include “to gain revenue” or “to create a customer.” But there’s a big problem with viewing sales that way because that’s thinking in you-terms, not in client-terms. Clients feel this, which impedes your sales efforts. The good news is there’s an alternative. Watch the video to find out what it is.

(Lesson 13) A New Take on Networking

The goal of most professional networking is to make new connections to get more business. The goal of trust-based networking, on the other hand, is very different: it’s to help other people develop their businesses. Networking falls apart, like most relationships, when you are overly focused on your own needs and put them ahead of the good of the relationship. Watch this video to learn five best practices that will help you avoid this common trap, starting now.

(Lesson 14) How to (Actually) Get a Meeting

You probably feel pressure from time to time—and maybe even every day—to “get a meeting” with a prospective client. Meetings are seductive, and they’re the right answer … sometimes. They’re also easily overdone and they’re often done badly. Find out when you should and shouldn’t ask for a meeting, and learn best practices for the right ways to ask when you do.

(Lesson 15) Understanding How Clients Really Buy

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(Lesson 16) *Ditch the Pitch* and Other Unconventional Wisdom

There are definite do's and don’t's when it comes to pitching in a trustworthy way. This topic is especially important because the way you conduct yourself in these early meetings sets the tone for the entire relationship.

(Lesson 17) How (Not) to Handle Objections

Conventional sales training teaches you to “handle objections.” Unfortunately, handling objections is the wrong means to the wrong goal for the wrong reasons. When you develop a richer view of professional relationships, you realize that what you used to think of as an objection is just another form of dialogue. And that, in turn, changes everything. Watch the video to find out more, and to learn the two critical steps in transforming how you “handle objections.”

(Lesson 18) Talking Price

Price is very much about psychology—it’s where money meets people. For most of us, talking about price is awkward at best. So we put it off. We hesitate. We hope they’ll be so dazzled that price won’t matter. Unfortunately, price does matter—to your clients and to you. Learn five possible meanings when a client says, “Your price is too high,” and what to do in each case.

(Lesson 19) Why You Should Stop Closing Deals

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